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1955 Pan American Games included volleyball. At the FIVB Congress in Florence, the Japanese Federation adopts the international rules and commits itself to gradually introducing them in Asia. The 1st Asian Championship is played in Tokyo; both 6- and 9-player tournaments are scheduled. Volleyball is put on the program for the Pan American Games ...

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History of volleyball: From origins to the Olympics

It was not until 1900 that a specially designed lighter and smaller ball was devised, which opened up a new array of tactical and technical possibilities for the sport. Rules for playing volleyball kept establishing over the years; points per set changed from 21 to 15 points in 1917, in the following year the number of players per team was set ...

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The 1950s and early ‘60s: Campaigning and victory. During the 40-year wait, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball was founded in 1947. Having its own official body for indoor, beach and grass events boosted volleyball’s chances of becoming an Olympic sport. Two years later, in 1949, the International Olympic Committee (IOC ...

Volleyball History in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s

In 1955, volleyball was included in the multi-sport competition which was open to all the countries in the Americas (North America, Central America and South America to be exact). This international competition was called the Pan American Games.

The History Of Volleyball. Where Volleyball Started.

Starting in 1996, two-man beach volleyball was officially introduced to the Olympics. Today, there are more than 800 million volleyball players worldwide, 46 million of them in the U.S. Timeline of Significant Volleyball Events. In 1900, a special ball was designed for the sport.

History - Volleyball

Until the early 1930s volleyball was for the most part a game of leisure and recreation, and there were only a few international activities and competitions. There were different rules of the game in the various parts of the world; however, national championships were played in many countries (for instance, in Eastern Europe where the level of ...

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The first beach volleyball tournament happened in 1948, and in 1949, the first volleyball World Championships took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia. By 1951, 50 million people in over 60 countries were playing volleyball, in 1955, volleyball became a part of the Pan American Games and in 1957 volleyball became an official team sport in the ...

A Brief History of Volleyball

Volleyball was soon being played in Cuba in 1905, Japan in 1908, and China and the Philippines in 1910. A change in the rules of the game happened in 1900 and the rules were adjusted to remove the innings that had been defined by Morgan, the number of winning points of the match was increased to 21 and the net was raised to 7 feet and 6 inches.

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Volleyball Timeline; Date: Event: 1895: The game of volleyball is created. 1897: The first official rules are published by the YMCA. 1900: The official volleyball is designed.