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Of all the modern sports which calls themselves football, rugby is probably the closest to the pre-19th century game which was called football. Both rugby football and association football were known as football in the late 19th century. Association Football was shortened to assoc, and given the way of speaking at the time, ruby was colloquially called rugger, and assoc was called assoccer, which was later shortened to soccer.

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American football, soccer, and rugby share some similarities but yet are different from each other. Rugby is the most brutal and dangerous of all three sports; The scoring systems of Football and Rugby are very similar; Rugby players use the least amount of equipment between all three sports; Substitutions in Rugby are only available upon serious injuries

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Rugby style Football allows handling of the ball. The Football Association had established their rules as “Association Football” to differentiate it from traditional Football, which was a bit of a free for all (and allowed handling the ball). The Rugby Football Union established their rules as Rugby Football. Over time, the British themselves contracted these terms to; Soccer - Short for “Association Football. Rugger - Short for Rugby Football.

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Rugby is best described as a blend of the contact of American football, the running of soccer, and the transition of basketball. It is a game played between two teams with 15 players in each, played on a rectangular field, with the object being to run with an oval ball across the opponent’s goal line or kick it through the upper portion of the goal posts .

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Rugby football was thought to have been started about 1845 at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England although forms of football in which the ball was carried and tossed date to medieval times (see medieval football). Rugby split into two sports in 1895, when twenty-one clubs split from the Rugby Football Union to form the Northern Rugby Football Union (later renamed the Rugby Football League in 1922) in the George Hotel, Huddersfield, over payments to players who took time off from ...

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It is 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide, with two 10 yard end zones on the end. This means that no matter if you are in high school, college, or the NFL, you are going to be playing on the field with the same dimensions regardless. A rugby pitch is 112-122 meters (122.5-133.4 yards) long and 68m (74.3 yards wide).

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Rugby and football fans will always be in disagreement over which sport is superior. This videos shows the contrasting styles that footballers and rugby play...