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Building a Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer Networked Game

Every client connected to the server constantly receives data, locally creating a representation of the game state. It's a bit like watching TV. Authoritative implementation using client-server architecture.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Game Server - Intel

P2P hosting is another popular choice for modern multiplayer gaming. P2P allows one player to dynamically act as a host that facilitates the connections of other players. With this setup, you’re reliant on the connection of whoever gets chosen as host, so a poor host connection means a poor experience for everyone.

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The lower P2P ping would dramatically reduce the prediction lag between players depending on their location: The effect probably wouldn't be visible for most US gamers, but here in Europe pings of 200+ are normal on most servers and a direct connection would reduce the prediction lag to that of a European server. A true P2P approach without server is a bit more complex: A main concern with decentralized networks is ensuring consistency, especially if the simulation could suffer from ...

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As you probably already know, P2P technology is different from the centralized methods of file sharing. That is, instead of accessing the information from a single server — or a group of servers —, the P2P system would grab pieces of the same content from hundreds or thousands of internet-connected devices.

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Peer-to-peer [GDevelop wiki]

GDevelop supports peer-to-peer (P2P) connections to enable basic multiplayer games. This works through the concept of remote events. Connect multiple instances of the game using their ID, before remotely triggering conditions on the other instances. This extension is not suitable for all types of multiplayer games and is potentially unsafe against cheating.

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MMO servers use industry grade networking and the power to make the hardware work. A P2P network is good for single player games with a lobby shooter extension or multiplayer games solely based around lobby shooting, where games don’t last very long and are ‘reset’ at the end of a match.

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GameLift customers like Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive, and Illfonic migrated their P2P or listen server infrastructure to GameLift to achieve low cost and low latency dedicated game servers. The below example illustrateshow Behaviour Interactive migrated to GameLift for their game, Dead by Daylight.

Is P2P Bad for Online Multiplayer? : gamedev

P2P with a large playerbase with QoS estimates to at least the matchmaking server, has the possibility of being better; and much better depending on where the matchmaking server(s) are located. P2P with rebroadcast servers (NAT avoidance is one common reason) in multiple geographic locations could have similar performance to dedicated servers in terms of the networking assuming the clients all have good performance.