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Handballing - AFL International

Knees should be slightly bent to maintain balance. For a right-handed handball, the left foot is forward, and vice versa for a left-handed handball. Punching arm also slightly bent. After contact is made with the ball, the fist remains on the platform hand – “catch your fist”. General Coaching Hints.

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Step 1. (A) runs and kicks to (B) who leads for the ball. This drill is done at 3/4 pace. Senior players should land on their kicking foot after executing the kick. Step 2. (B) marks, runs and kicks to (C) Step 3. Lengthen the distance first to 45m, then to 60m. 1.

AFL Skills Guide - 4.Handballing - YouTube

This video outlines the skill of handballing in Australian Football.

AFL drills handballing - YouTube

15 handballing drills that you can do anytime at training. These are great for reaction, coordination and most importantly clean hands. https://www.enhancedf...

Handball Technique and Tips - Vida Footy

Technique Tips. The following technical points are crucial to enable your players to handball effectively. As your players progress, you can choose more of these points to work on. – Hand under the ball. – End of the ball pointing slightly up. – Punch the ball with a downward motion of the back top of the ball.

AFL handball: Biomechanical Analysis

Movement PHases of the Afl Handball Stable Platform - By having a platform, a stable base is achieved. This stable base player provides a sense of autonomy... Clenched fist- As the instructional video explains it is important to make a fist with the thumb on the outside. If the... Back swing with a ...

Australian Rules Football Skills Guide

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, handball became one of the game's most important skills. Earlier, players were generally told never to handball in defence and to use handball only in emergency. In today's modern game, handball is a major attacking weapon as players run the ball from defence into offence.

AFL Footy Drills - Coach Assist

AFL Footy Drills; Contents 1. Shortball AFL Footy Drills 1.1 Kick, 1-2 handball, retrieve 1.2 Gather Give Bump 1.3 Short to a diagonal lead 1.4 Criss-cross handball 1.5 Baulk and sidestep 2. Half oval AFL Footy Drills

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