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European Handicap Explained | Meaning of 3-way handicap betting

For example, if a Barcelona win is offered at 2.20 in a 1X2 bet type, in European Handicap -1 the odds for their win would be over 3.50. In this case, European handicap is recommended when we are positive of a team’s win and would like to pick better odds, with corresponding risk.

European handicap betting in betting shops explained

It’s best to figure out what a European handicap is with the example of two teams — team 1 and team 2. The handicap line 0:1 is conditionally accepted, that is, we give a handicap in 1 to one team, therefore, the match starts already with a score of 0:1. Bets will look like this: team 1 winning — odds 4.75. draw — odds 3.9.

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European handicap explained | How to bet with 3 way handicap

Euro handicap examplesEuropean handicap 3-way 1. In the match we analyzed above – England vs Bulgaria – let’s see what happens through some other examples. Let’s say you have chosen European handicap 3-0 and the final result is 3-0. Are you a winner? No, unfortunately, you are not.

European Handicap Betting Explained & Strategies | Mr Green

Let’s look at an example of how European Handicap betting works in practice. If England were playing Andorra, then the Three Lions would be short-price favourites to win the game. This is how the European Handicap might look with the three outcomes: England (-1): 1.30 Draw (-1): 4.00 Andorra (+1): 5.50

What does handicap mean in football betting: examples of ...

European handicap in sports betting. European Handicap - A bet on the outcome when the correct score is added. Has no refunds, since a bet on a draw is possible. For example, P1 (2: 0), P2 (1: 0), X (0: 3) and so on. How to calculate the European handicap. Let's consider three examples of calculating rates on the European handicap of 2,000 rubles each: W1 (0: 1) in the match Bayern - RB Leipzig at odds of 2.20.

European Handicap: Explanation of the 3-Way Handicap

Bulgaria (+1) 20/1. You can see that by using the 3-way Handicap/European Handicap bet, there are three potential outcomes for this game. If France win the match by 2 or more goals, the France (-1) is the winner. If the game finishes level or Bulgaria win then the Bulgaria (+1) is the winner.

European Handicap Betting Guide | Rules and Result Table ...

We created a European handicap results table. Use this table when you want to check your bet result. *Table terms meaning. Won+3 means a team you bet won by over 3 points difference. Won+2 means a team you bet won by 2 points difference. Won+1 means a team you bet won by 1 points difference. Lost-1 means a team you bet lost by 1 points ...

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The European Handicap is quite easy to be learned, only because of the structure, which is so simple. Usually, the European Handicap comes in the following way. What is the structure of the European Handicap (Example)? If we have: Team A - Draw - Team B EH 0:2. From this, we have 3 possible outcomes: