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Men’s League Basketball Rules

- 50/50 Rule: A player receives one shot for 2 points - If a team has between 7 and 9 fouls, the 50/50 rule is applied and one shot will be awarded. The shot is worth 2 points and the clock does not stop - If a team has 10 or more fouls, two shots will be awarded. The shots are worth 1 point each

Adult Basketball League Rules - cob.org

foul. TEAMS MUST COMPLY WITH THIS RULE BY THE 3 rd WEEK. 6. FORFEITS : 4 player minimum determines a team and a game cannot be started with less, however a game can be continued with less than 4 players as long as the referee believes that team has a chance to win the game. If a team does not have 4 players

Community Basketball League Rules - Kent

• Current professional basketball players (one who receives monetary income or gifts for their play) are ineligible to participate in this league. • Each team must have matching colored shirts and a unique jersey number to participate. • Players may not play for more than one team in the same league. 2. TEAM CAPTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES

Basketball League Rules – Mid State Youth Sports

The “three – second” lane violation rule will be in effect for only 3rd grade & older Division Games. Full Court Press: 2nd Grade & Below: Pressing is NOT allowed. 3rd/4th Grade: Pressing is allowed in the 2nd HALF ONLY. 5th Grade & Above: Pressing is allowed ALL game. Mercy Rule:

Adult Basketball Leagues Rules and Regulations

Adult Basketball Leagues Rules and Regulations 1.0 Administrative Regulations and Information 1.01 The following Adult Basketball Leagues shall be governed by these rules and regulations: a. Men’s Basketball and Women’s League 1.02 Qualifications for participation in Adult Basketball Leagues is based on the following criteria: a.

League Rules - Malvern Basketball League

1. All games playing on short (below 10') baskets, which include 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd grade divisions, cannot play defense in the backcourt during the entire game. 2. The short basket divisions (1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd) use the FREE ZONE rule:

BASKETBALL LEAGUE RULES - Macomb Township, Michigan

authority to modify or change rules at any time in order to ensure fair and legal play of the league. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY Any team using an ineligible player in a game upon protest of the individual’s eligibility by an opposing team shall forfeit the game(s) in which the individual has participated. Specific eligibility rules are listed below: A. All players must be eighteen (18) or older to participate. B.

How to play NBA Fantasy Basketball League, Game Rules – AZ ...

The NBA Fantasy Basketball League rules of the game, step by step. Sign up for NBA Fantasy. You have a budget of 100 million to choose 7 (seven) players: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard with two “flex” (any position). When you gather a team, you choose one Star that brings double points (like a captain ...